Texas Giant 6" Canister Shells 24ct

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0.01 LBS

They say everything is bigger in Texas! 24 assorted effects.

1.Pink and gold strobe

2.Purple wave with crackling

3.Green wave with crackling

4.Red brocade crown changing to blue dahlia

5.Silver strobe chrysanthemum

6.Blue chrysanthemum changing to orange

7.Red coconut changing to blue with white strobes

8.Lemon, orange to blue with white strobes

9.Orange coconut to purple with white strobes

10.Yellow coconut to blue pearls with white strobes

11.Green, blue to orange with white strobes

12.Purple dahlia to blue pearls to green strobes

13.Lemon to purple with green strobes

14.Blue to purple with crackling

15.Purple coconut to green pearl crackling

16.Yellow palm to green strobe

17.Purple changing to orange and red plum

18.Tai gold willow

19.Brocade crown to red strobe

20.Red coconut to to tai chrysanthemum

21.Silver spider to red strobe

22.Gold palm changing to green strobe

23.Red to green with blue chrysanthemum

24.Silver spider to green strobe


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