Black Scorpion/Chili Fireworks

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  • American Spirit

    American Spirit

    156 Shots of red, white and blue dahlias shooting in sequence to brocade crown with blue and white g

  • Cobra Kiss

    Cobra Kiss

    The ultimate 3 layer cake! 2 layers of chrysanthemum mines up to crackles with chrysanthemum on the

  • Crazy Fruit

    Crazy Fruit

    22 Shots of colorful diamonds in the dark, screaming right through your ears!

  • Deterrence


    9 massive shots of crackling willows with orange dahlia and red glitter, red tails to red glittering

  • Dont Panic Fountain

    Dont Panic Fountain

    Titanium silver flower and red flash to golden sunflower with blue pearl crackling with red flash. S

  • Go Fury

    Go Fury

    25 Shots - Barrage after barrage of blue mines to crackling spiders with blue pearls!

  • Hot Wheels 30s

    Hot Wheels 30s

    30 Shots starting with palms and red lace, W shaped brocade crowns and nishiki rain, spinning silver


  • Jackpot


    12 HUGE shots of flower crowns with glitter makes you feel like you hit the jackpot!

  • Leopard 30s

    Leopard 30s

    30 Shots! Beautiful neon colors and gold chrysanthemums, nishiki willows rains down while silver whi

  • Overspeed


    Titanium golden flower blue pear, Silver spring, silver spike flower with red flash.Titanium silver

  • Pitfall


    33 Shots! Silver tail to purple. Blue, green, purple and red chrysanthemums with crackle. Tourbillon

  • Rattlesnake


    25 Shots of crackling tails to spiders with various color glitters featuring brocade crowns.