Power Blast Fireworks

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  • Aurora Polaris

    Aurora Polaris

    Crackling tail and purple powder crackling bouquet to red, sky blue stars and white strobe; Cracklin

  • Baby Dragon

    Baby Dragon

    14 Shots - Red tipped chrysanthemums to vibrant flittering white strobes to green tipped chrysa

  • Cinnamon And Sugar

    Cinnamon And Sugar

    25 shots - Fast paced shots fill the sky with cinnamon and sugar! Golden brown glitter and white str

  • Colorful Sky

    Colorful Sky

    Colorful dahlia white strobe mine, burst red coco and white strobe; Green coco with white strobe; Br

  • Final Victory

    Final Victory

    16 Shots - Double fan shaped silver tails to strobing coco palms to purple, red and blue pearls. Red

  • Golden Umbrella

    Golden Umbrella

    25 Shots - Golden mines to golden crown willows. Golden mines to golden crown willows with a splash

  • Invasion


    Brocade crown to red changes green, Blue stars with silver fish to titanium golden coco to red, gree

  • Jubilee


    25 Shots - Silver strobing mines with red glitter to chrysanthemums with silver strobes. Silver

  • Leopard


    Green tail up to spider king with red and green strobe; red tail up to brocade crown with white stro

  • One Wake Up

    One Wake Up

    Red/Lemon/Sky blue/Purple/Orange/Green peony bouquet up to red/lemonSky blue/Purple/Orange/Green peo

  • Raging Bull

    Raging Bull

    36 shots - Hard breaking red and silver strobing coco palms with a massive barrage finale!

  • Secret Weapon

    Secret Weapon

    Nishiki crown with red and blue stars, Nishiki crown with purple and green stars.

  • Strong Hits

    Strong Hits

    Red tail to burst silk crackling willow with green strobe; Green tail to brocade crown, red dahlia a

  • Sale
    Surprising Shooting

    Surprising Shooting

    Red to green; Sky blue to red; Crackling to red,green,blue,purple,lemon,orange tail; Green to chrysa

    Was: $69.99
    Now: $59.99
  • Tracer Rounds

    Tracer Rounds

    90 shots - Silver serpant tails to red and purple dual firing peacock with silver crackling snowball