500 Gram Cakes

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  • 100 Shots

    100 Shots

    The name says it all! 100 shots of nonstop action featuring a wide variety of effects that fill the

  • 3 Minutes Till Dawn

    3 Minutes Till Dawn

    The police have been called and are on the way! You now have 3 minutes counting down as you light th

  • 50 Second Firestorm

    50 Second Firestorm

    63 shots total beginning with vertical strobing tipped peonies to strobing tipped color peonies with

  • American Spirit

    American Spirit

    156 Shots of red, white and blue dahlias shooting in sequence to brocade crown with blue and white g

  • Aurora Polaris

    Aurora Polaris

    Crackling tail and purple powder crackling bouquet to red, sky blue stars and white strobe; Cracklin

  • Bad Kitty

    Bad Kitty

    Red glitter with palm pistil, green glitter with palm pistil, white glitter with palm pistil, blue p

  • Bad Omen

    Bad Omen

    Bad Omen Move B!#$H get out the way, looks like curiosity killed the cat! 25 Shots – Fan forma

  • Bang Bang

    Bang Bang

    8 HUGE double break shells of amazing effects! After you shoot this youll be wishing you bought more

  • Bella's Box

    Bella's Box

    Every now and then OMG Fireworks will show off their softer side. This beautiful 25 shot colorful fa

  • Ben Franklinstein

    Ben Franklinstein

    23 Shots - Red green wave with crackle chrys, purple yellow wave with crackle chrys, Brocade mine bl

  • Black Sunshine

    Black Sunshine

    This is the cake for the true pyros as it turns the darkness to light. Over 190 shots of sweeping vo

  • Braggin Rights

    Braggin Rights

    9 Shots of 2" "Mega-Burst" shells. Same great performance as our 3" shells but i

  • Breaking News

    Breaking News

    49 shot Multi-color Crossettes. Fired in a "Z" pattern starting in the center and working out o