500 Gram Cakes

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  • Baby Girl

    Starts with 3 shots of Whistling Tail / Pink with Silver Glitter! Great for gender reveal parties!

  • Breaking News

    49 shot Multi-color Crossettes. Fired in a "Z" pattern starting in the center and working out o

  • Cotton Mouth

    18 shot fan ccake, This irem features a new effect we call "cotton crackle". Its a soft crackle effe

  • Devil's Playground

    16 shots of peach stars with lemon glitter, violet stars with green glitter, lemon stars with white

  • Dragon

    24 shots with volleys of GIANT brocades and complimenting strobe and falling leaves make this a prof

  • Fear Not

    16 loud shots of willows, brocades and colorful peonies make this a display in a box with a 4 shot f

  • Full Charge

    This fully charged fan cake will last over a minute with too many effects to list! One great show al

  • Furious Static

    21 Shots of gold palm with green and lemon, brocade crown with red strobe, gold palm with red and or

  • Galaxy Buster

    Brocade crown to red sparkler and green sparkler and blue sparkler+green sparkler and golden sparkle

  • Guardian Angel

    36 shots of beautiful gold willows with color strobe stars and gold chrysanthemums, red and white st

  • Heat Seekers

    20 Shots of ultra high altitude whistles scream into the stratospere where they unload a payload of

  • Heat Wave

    Red palm mine to red palm, brocade crown mine to brocade, whistling tail to red blue peony with whit

  • Hood Rich

    16 Shots of golden glitter willow with blue pearls; Purple pearl with blue, purple and white glitter

  • Hot Rod

    49 shots of pure awesome! Glitter, strobes, whistles with finale oh my!