500 Gram Cakes

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  • 100 Shots

    100 Shots

    The name says it all! 100 shots of nonstop action featuring a wide variety of effects that fill the

  • 2 Minute Rub & Tug

    2 Minute Rub & Tug

    You will soon be caught up in the night life once you light this fuse! See 63 shots of peonies, broc

  • 50 Second Firestorm

    50 Second Firestorm

    63 shots total beginning with vertical strobing tipped peonies to strobing tipped color peonies with

  • American Fury

    American Fury

    Mine to red green glitter, blue peony mine, blue gold glitter, silver chrysanthemum mine to silver c

  • Apocalypse


    Not a real apocalypse but its a long lasting display or chrysanthemums and comets with lots of noise

  • Bad Kitty

    Bad Kitty

    Red glitter with palm pistil, green glitter with palm pistil, white glitter with palm pistil, blue p

  • Bi-Polar Box

    Bi-Polar Box

    Red/green palm and white glitter. Brocade crown with blue stars and white glitter with titanium chry

  • Bitch Slap

    Bitch Slap

    Colorful chrysanthemum with crackling; brocade crown to colorful chrysanthemum!

  • Braggin Rights

    Braggin Rights

    9 Shots of 2" "Mega-Burst" shells. Same great performance as our 3" shells but i

  • Breaking News

    Breaking News

    49 shot Multi-color Crossettes. Fired in a "Z" pattern starting in the center and working out o

  • Chicken On A Chain

    Chicken On A Chain

    A 12 shot 500 gm cake. This cake features huge chrysanthemum single color breaks in distinct colors-

  • Chillax


    Chillax with 24 shots as colorful stars rise high and then float slowly back down to earth in bright

  • Colorclasm


    Colorclasm is a grown-up 25 Shot kaleidoscope! Volleys of rich, bold color, deep blues, luscious pin

  • Cotton Mouth

    Cotton Mouth

    18 shot fan ccake, This irem features a new effect we call "cotton crackle". Its a soft crackle effe