Cutting Edge Fireworks

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  • American Fury

    Mine to red green glitter, blue peony mine, blue gold glitter, silver chrysanthemum mine to silver c

  • Armadillo Fountain

    (A)Red/green/yellow sparkler; (B)Blue/purple/white sparkler; (C)Golden Chrysanthemum; (D) Long crack

  • Back Off

    16 shots A) red tail to red break peony with white strobe tips B) green tail to green peony wit

  • Bull Whip Fountain

    (A) Red/green/yellow sparkler; (B) Blue/orange/white sparkler; (C) Chrysanthemum crackle; (D) Rice f

  • Chromtastic

    Two shots at a time, white comet tail to white glitter; green comet tail to green glitter; silver co

  • Death Rattle

    This 25 shot is sure to be a crowd pleaser with vibrant colors and unique effects!

  • Frozen Stare

    21 shots Silver spinners to silver wave to: 1. red, blue; 2. purple, green; 3. blue; 4. purple,

  • Gunslinger

    Each break of the 25 shots 350 gram monster from Gunslinger is a shotgun-blast of pyro intensity! Cr

  • Gunsmoke

    27 shots- Silver wave to red w purple,lemon dahlia and green glitter; Silver waver to green w sky bl

  • Happy Clown Bomb

    1. silver chrys, red palm 2. silver chrys, green palm 3. silver chrys, purple palm 4. silver chrys,

  • Heat Wave

    Red palm mine to red palm, brocade crown mine to brocade, whistling tail to red blue peony with whit

  • Infantry

    (A) Red sparkler and green sparkler and blue sparkler ; (B) Sky blue sparkler + green sparkler + whi

  • Joy Ride

    16 Shots! 1. Red glitter mine, silver comet tail to brocade crown; 2. titanum silver chrys to red, b

  • Mafia

    Red blue sparkler with golden glitter, green purple sparkler with golden glitter, red lemon sparkler

  • Magic Eye

    42 shots White glitter with blue star, green glitter with red glitter, silver whirlwind, with g

  • Matador

    25 Shots of colorful peony, sky blue mine, silver chrysanthemum

  • Night Owl Fountain

    (A) Red/green/yellow sparkler; (B) Purple/orange/white sparkler; (C) Silver crackle; (D)White pine n