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Baby Girl

Starts with 3 shots of Whistling Tail / Pink with Silver Glitter! Great for gender reveal parties!


Tang Dynasty

A great 2" 9-shot rack from Brothers, Tang Dynasty puts on a superb red and silver show of peonies w


Sky Treats

36 Shot - Red glitter to brocade, blue stars to brocade, silver glitter to brocade, and crackling to



WOW! 63 shots of Oxrageous perfomance and duration. Over 1 solid minute of pure fireworks with way t


Super Duty

30 shots Fast paced red comet to gold peony alternating with silver crackling with a 4 shot fin


Old Ironsides

Light the fuse and let the 30 shot battle begin! Alternating rows of silver tails to silver glitter,


Most Popular Products

Gyro Jet 3pk

Spins on ground, then lifts with Red / Green, ends with a HUGE big bang.


New Products

Sizzler Fountain

This is a very long lasting sizzling effect with white crackles changing to purple balls with mild p


Sting Of Death

Talk about a heavy hitter! This one has 7 very large shots alternating from very loud breaks of crac