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Featured Products

Hand Of Doom

Hard hitting full brocade crown breaks with alternating green, gold, white, red, purple and silver s


M-Crackers 36ct

Get ready for some BOOM! These loud crackers from Winda pack a punch! 36 crackers per box.


Sky Treats

36 Shot - Red glitter to brocade, blue stars to brocade, silver glitter to brocade, and crackling to



10 shots silver Palm with Red and Green, Gold Palm with Color Crackle Rain, Aqua Orange Lemon Peony,


Rainbow In A Box

Spread across the sky - purple tails to red, green, yellow, purple and blue delayed palms. Purple ta


Wild Cargo

Winda packs 10 big 2-inch shots into this fantastic cake.  Wow you crowd with tremendous shots


Nucking Futz

Lime pearls/red pearls with green glittering, multi-colored peony, last 3 shots of brocade with crac


Unleash The Power

16 shot: 1. Brocade Crown + Sky-blue and Red; 2. Brocade Crown + purple and green; 3. Brocade crown



Fit for a king - brocade to crackling flowers with red stars, then brocade to crackling flowers with


Most Popular Products

Wheeler Dealer

32 shots of golden tails to golden palms with crackling flowers, then silver tails to silver palms w


Red Tornado

Red with Silver Glitter / Gold Glitter / Silver Palm / Crackling Chrysanthemum.



A cake full of sky graffiti - carmine pearls with silver glitter, green pearls with red glitter, ora


Mobile Menace

35 Shot – Alternating red and green glitter V-shaped titanium flower tails with whistles silve


New Products


16 shots of assorted effects at a value price sure to put a smile on your face! 



Silver Chrysanthemum with Orange and Blue/Gold Chrysanthemum with Lemon and Purple/Silver Flower wit


Hot N Spicy

A hot and spicy mix that adds some zip to your favorite celebration. A concoction of red, green, ora


Broken Heart

This love burns bright, hangs low, then flickers out in red and purple palm with white and green str


Brocade Boss

Brocade Boss shoots brocade tails to brocade with blue and red stars. The show wraps up in a four-sh