OMG 5" Canister Shells 24ct

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16.10 LBS

OMG 5" High Performance Specialty Canister Shells with Electric Neon and Color Changing Effects! 

Kit contains 24 - 5" shells with 4 fiberglass mortar tubes.

12 Shells featuring electric neon colors and 12 shells featuring color changing effects.


Electric Neon Color Shells:

1. Ruby Red with White Strobe

2. Neon Magenta to Electric Lime

3. Scarlet and Emerald with Sizzle

4. Electric Red, Green and Blue Wave

5. Orchid with Flash and Sizzle

6. Electric Ruby Palm

7. Electric Lime Palm

8. Electric Cyan Palm

9. Electric Peach Palm

10. Aqua with Flash and Sizzle

11. Neon Sunrise Palm

12. Metallic Spider with Drops of Lemon


Color Changing Shells:

13. Violet Changing to Emerald

14. Cyan Changing to Ruby

15. Cyan Changing to Emerald

16. Peach Changing to Emerald

17. Cyan Changing to Flash and Sizzle

18. Cherry Changing to Flash and Glitter

19. Orchid Changing to Emerald

20. Sapphire Changing to Ice Splash

21. Merlot Changing to Ice Splash

22. Emerald Changing to Lemon Flashing

23. Magenta Palm Changing to Emerald Flashing

24. Violet Changing to Peach