200 Gram Cakes

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  • 16 Shot Happy

    16 Shot Happy

    16 Shot Happy 16 color shells bursting high in the air. Don't be fooled by such a small package

  • Back Off

    Back Off

    16 shots A) red tail to red break peony with white strobe tips B) green tail to green peony wit

  • Battle of Colors

    Battle of Colors

    An old classic with a throwback label but there is a reason this one has returned! 36 Shots of assor

  • Beastly


    7 Shots of blinding white strobes with explosive colors !

  • Bomb Squad

    Bomb Squad

    Brocade crown tail to  color peony. Whistling  and crackling, brocade crown tail to white

  • Change My Mind

    Change My Mind

    Its not like we are trying to convince you that the earth is flat and moon landing was a hoax?! Ther

  • Civil Unrest

    Civil Unrest

    After spreading the OMG-19 Fireworks virus upon the world panic has resulted in Civil Unrest! 16 sho

  • Cloak Of Darkness

    Cloak Of Darkness

    Under the cloak of darkness lies a force to be reckoned with. Even though he’s not always visi

  • Cluckers


    24 Shots - Red tail to red pearls with white strobe watterfall. Blue tail to brocade crown with blue

  • Coiled


    16 red sparkler mine, blue sparkler mine, white glitter mine, golden glitter tail, red sparkler, blu

  • Croc Bite

    Croc Bite

    9 Shot Red palms tree with green storbes, green palms tree with red storbes, blue palms tree with si

  • Cry Baby

    Cry Baby

    7 Shots featurning blue with crackle mines. Great for gender reveals!

  • Death Rattle

    Death Rattle

    This 25 shot is sure to be a crowd pleaser with vibrant colors and unique effects!