New For 2023

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  • American Spirit

    American Spirit

    156 Shots of red, white and blue dahlias shooting in sequence to brocade crown with blue and white g

  • Aurora Polaris

    Aurora Polaris

    Crackling tail and purple powder crackling bouquet to red, sky blue stars and white strobe; Cracklin

  • Avenger Of Blood

    Avenger Of Blood

    16 Shots - Color tipped dahlia spiders to crackle, Alternating between color tipped hahlia spiders t

  • Baby Dragon

    Baby Dragon

    14 Shots - Red tipped chrysanthemums to vibrant flittering white strobes to green tipped chrysa

  • Casino


    All shots loaded with gold palm green glittering mines below with nishiki with glitters, peonies and

  • Cinnamon And Sugar

    Cinnamon And Sugar

    25 shots - Fast paced shots fill the sky with cinnamon and sugar! Golden brown glitter and white str

  • Cobra Kiss

    Cobra Kiss

    The ultimate 3 layer cake! 2 layers of chrysanthemum mines up to crackles with chrysanthemum on the

  • Colorful Sky

    Colorful Sky

    Colorful dahlia white strobe mine, burst red coco and white strobe; Green coco with white strobe; Br

  • Crazy Clown

    Crazy Clown

    Bloody red, lemon, golden chrysanthemums. Sky blue to orange dahlia, nishiki with green glitter. All

  • Crazy Fruit

    Crazy Fruit

    22 Shots of colorful diamonds in the dark, screaming right through your ears!

  • Deterrence


    9 massive shots of crackling willows with orange dahlia and red glitter, red tails to red glittering

  • Final Victory

    Final Victory

    16 Shots - Double fan shaped silver tails to strobing coco palms to purple, red and blue pearls. Red

  • Full Out

    Full Out

    24 long shots of golden palms, willow with sea blue, red and white strobes to chrysanthemums.

  • Gold Crown

    Gold Crown

    Non-stop 30 shots of gold brocade mines to gold brocade crown!

  • Golden Umbrella

    Golden Umbrella

    25 Shots - Golden mines to golden crown willows. Golden mines to golden crown willows with a splash

  • Grand Slam

    Grand Slam

    This fan shaped fountain will knock it out of the park! Laser red with titanium chrysanthemums with

  • High Light

    High Light

    Lots of green effects in this long lasting fountain that lights up the leaf shaped window at the end