Unabomber Canister Artillery Bomb Shells 24ct Kit

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14.00 LBS

You have seen the headlines; you’ve heard the stories! This package contains a manifesto of some of the highest quality canister shells being brought to the US market. 24 Assorted shells gives each shot a unique effect. After the fire, flash and smoke your competitors wont even know what hit em… Stay tuned to OMG Fireworks for breaking headlines and Epstein didn’t kill himself. 

1. Arizona: Lemon and blue pearls

2. Pennsylvania: Orange, red, blue pearls with green strobes

3. Missouri: Gold titanium willow with sky blue pistil

4. Indiana: Sky blue to grass green

5. Kansas: Silver titanium willow to blue pearl and red strobes

6. Nevada: Purple, green, lemon, and red

7. North Dakota: Orange, red and green strobes

8. Florida: Gold silk chrysanthemum to blue pearl and green strobes

9. Texas: Green to red with blue pearls

10. Michigan: Silver titanium willow with red plum and white strobes

11. Ohio: Gold titanium willow to blue pearl and green strobes

12. West Virginia: Red and green peony with crackling

13. Washington: Cyanine purple pearls to yellow strobes

14. Nebraska: Gold brocade crown willow with crackling

15. Wisconsin: Brocade crown to sky blue

16. Tennessee: Cyanine pink peony

17. Alabama: Grass green with pink pearls

18. Georgia: Neon orange white strobes

19. California: Gold strobes to willow with blue pearls green strobes

20. Idaho: Titanium gold leaves to blue pearl

21. New York: Lemon and pink to blue pearls

22. Kentucky: Silver strobe willow with red green sky blue pearls

23. Iowa: Blue leaves to red strobe

24. Utah: Violet peony


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