UGLY RACK-50 Shot Fan Rack 1.75" Fiberglass Mortar Tubes

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61.00 LBS

UGLY RACK - 50 Shot Fan Rack With 1.75" Fiberglass Shot Tubes.

If you are not concerned with the appearance of your rack then save yourself some money with this great buy! 

Mortar tubes are miscellaneous factory over-runs, some are wood plugged, some are clay plugged. Colors are randomly mixed. You may get some yellow, black, green, orange etc. Outer diameters and lengths may slightly vary.  

This heavy-duty rack is ready for you to drop in 50 Shells and start shooting!

Made in the USA.

This Rack is Designed To Operate With 1.75" Ball or Canister Type Artillery Shells. 

Just as an FYI we have so many customers asking...

These tubes are compatible with: Demon Shells, Excalibur, Grim Reapers, Quest, Everest, Jawbreaker, Front Lines, Black Box, Radioactive, Target Engaged, Eliminator, Ballistic Bombs, Whistling Buster, Crackling Artillery, The Beast Of Artillery and all of the Top Shelf Artillery kits.


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