Four Kings Finale 48 Shot Box Set

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18.00 LBS

Four Kings Finale 48 Shot Box Set

This assorted case contains 4 units.

#1. Tiger:

The ancient saying goes "There can only be one tiger on the mountain" Well, this item rules the land with 12 shots of colorful bursts filling the sky!

#2. Phoenix

It is no myth, This item performs like a phoenix rising from the ashes, with fiery bursts and booming breaks!

#3. Terrapin

With Reptilian cold blood, This item takes no prisoners. Its 12 large star bursts with color, Crackle and strobes will not disappoint the most discerning pyrotechnicians!

#4. Dragon

Untamed like the dragon, This hard hitting item features 12 shots of pyrotechnic fury!


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