Brothers Fireworks

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  • Bee's Knees

    Buzz! This is the Bees’ Knees! Small but mighty! Lots of effects and power! Fountain effe

  • Bling Bling

    A staff favorite, Bling Bling is a 36 shot monster, one of the best multi-shot cakes in America. Thi

  • Blond Joke

    36 Shots, An attention grabbing show of alternating red crackling stars, green bouquets with crackli

  • Blue Moon

    Check out this unique new effect - gold wheat heads are accompanied by blue stars, purple stars, and

  • Corona Rockets 6pk

    6 piece package. Effects includes blue crackling with red stars, lemon stars, purple to green glitte

  • Current Events

    You can't get more current than this shocking display of 30 shots alternating red crackling star

  • Dino Dodo

    This 350 gram monster unleashes 36 shots of whistling tail to red, green and silver wave. Ends with

  • Dustup

    Billowing red & green stars with silver. Whirls of blue stars with gold. Spirals of red stars wi

  • Fairies In A Jar

    No need to shake, just light the wick and watch the magic - silver flowers with red pearls - white c

  • Firefly

    A Brothers classic with 16 shots that lights up the night sky. Firefly buzzes around with red and si

  • Flash Frenzy

    A frenzy of silver glitter, silver showers, and gold crackling with red and green stars. Then yellow

  • Giant Leap

    Space and time meet with silver flowers and blue stars, red glitter, green stars, and silver flowers

  • High Falutin

    High Falutin features impressive breaks and puts on a great display with a duration of 60 seconds. E

  • High Output

    This soaring 500 gram cake has bushy silver tails on each its 14 shots. It really performs with mult

  • Hit The Road Jack

    49 shots of red tails to bouquets, silver tails to bouquets, blue tails to blue stars, green tails t

  • Irish Legend

    This 30 shot firework starts with twenty-four alternating shots of green glitter to purple stars; re

  • Light Brigade 42s

    This cake leads the charge with 42 shots blue stars, silver glitter, or red stars with delayed crack