200 Gram Cakes

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  • Light It Up

    Light It Up

    Red/green/blue dahlia:lemon/blue crackling:brocade crown with red glitter.

  • Lil Big Shots 6pk

    Lil Big Shots 6pk

    The barnyards going crazy, all of the animals have been possessed! Elephants, bunnies, bears, dogs,

  • Loud Cloud

    Loud Cloud

    Loud Cloud 16 shot Whistles to crackle flower breaks. Perfect for the finale.

  • Mafia


    Red blue sparkler with golden glitter, green purple sparkler with golden glitter, red lemon sparkler

  • Mass Explosion

    Mass Explosion

    16 Mass explosions of deep red breaks with white glitter, all with brilliant white mines. Ending wit

  • Matrix Pyro

    Matrix Pyro

    Break the program with this incredible 350 gram cake from Brothers. Attack the system with red, gree

  • Mega Mini

    Mega Mini

    Mega Mini 96 Shots Setting a new standard in 200g cakes. This mini Z-cakes set a new standard in pe

  • Mike Drop

    Mike Drop

    Gold tail to gold willow with blue stars, gold willow with silver strobes, gold willow with red stro

  • Mr. Rex

    Mr. Rex

    All shots with huge breaks of brocade crown, finale with brocade crown with chrysanthemum crackles.

  • Nano Tech

    Nano Tech

    19 Shots made from the latest in fireworks technology fill the night sky with amazing effects!

  • Neon Eagle

    Neon Eagle

    9 Shot Golden crown with neon red and orange, golden crown with blue, golden crown with chrysanthemu

  • Neon Goblin

    Neon Goblin

    9 Shots Gold tails to blood red with blue and orange dahlia, finale with blood red, blue and orange

  • Neon Stars

    Neon Stars

    25 shots of bright neon jellybean effects, features strobes, crackle and whistles! This little cake

  • Neon Strobe

    Neon Strobe

    Red with white strobe, blue with white strobe, chrysanthemums with red, green and blue peony.

  • Nervous Waters

    Nervous Waters

    16 shots of Red sparkler w/crackling; white sparkler w/crackling; blue sparkler w/crackling.

  • One Hot Kryme

    One Hot Kryme

    16 Florescent shots of pink, purple, sea blue and orange with a 4 shot finale.

  • Poreo Villa

    Poreo Villa

    16 Shots of white glitter, green glitter, gold glitter and time rain.